Sherry Goshon
Phoebe Costume Challenge 2014
It's a challenge!  It's a challenge!

It's been forever since I hosted a challenge and thought it was time
~Love, Sherry Goshon~
There are NO rules when it comes to your imagination!!

"Just Fun"  is the theme of the Phoebe challenge.
The features of this face scream for outside of the box thinking and a flamboyant state of mind.
What speaks to you?
It could be anyone from a witch to a queen, a goddess to a princess, a super hero to a bag lady.  Maybe she isn't even from this world.
The point is just to set your creative spirit free and see what happens. 

Here are the details and rules.
It's a short list:
You must use my Phoebe pattern and mold/mask as is.  No altering of the pattern or face except you may make clay hands since she is 16"  tall.   For some that is too small to sew fingers.  The instructions for mold/mask are in the pattern. You may alter the back of the head anyway you like; horns, spikes sculpted hair…wherever your vision takes you.
That's all the rules. Now for the details:
There are two categories and you are free to put yourself into whatever category you feel most comfortable with. It's not our place to label you…
Category 1 :   Is open to anyone who just wants to design/create a costume for Phoebe
Category 2 :   Is for those who want to design and pattern the costume for Phoebe.
The winning costume pattern design will be asked to create the pattern that Dollmakers Journey will carry to go with my Phoebe pattern pressmold.
There may be more asked to submit patterns.   Let's see how this goes for entries.

There will be prizes in both categories.
To date, I have the following prizes from:
Dollmakers Journey
OOAK Artist Emporium
Tuition for RenoIowa Retreat
Breast pressmold from Jean Bernard
VegasAIRS The embellishment Company
Cyndy's Dolls/AFICC
Pamela Armas GypsyTreasures

More prizes to be revealed

The deadline for you to get your entries submitted is November 1, 2014 midnight pacific time.
Send 3 photos; front, back and close up to Sherry Goshon
No late entries will be accepted.
Winners will be selected by a panel of Doll Artists.
All judges’decisions are final.

16" Phoebe Challenge

Body pattern & 2-1/4"
face Pressmold
Kit includes full instructions to make a complete head and face painting.
U.S.A. Orders:
$25.00 (includes S&H)
International  Orders:
Please Contact me for S&H quote. Sherry Goshon
Checkout the Pinterest Board I created to give you some inspiration